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Protect Your Information

At Books Computing, we protect your information like it’s our own. For this we implement the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers’ information.
You can feel secure with us because all our employees have undergone extensive background checks on upon hiring. We give training on security and privacy practices to each employee from the very start.
So, you can count on us to safeguard your information and to help you understand what you can do to protect your data.

Protect Your Computer

Now you can protect your computer by using the below safety measures which will ensure the security of your data and privacy.

  • Back Up your Files
  • Use a Wireless Network
  • Use Anti-Virus Software
  • Use Anti-Spyware Software
  • Enable the Pop-Up Blocker on your browser
  • Install the firewall
  • Surf the web safely

Protect Your Business

To protect your business, you need to protect the trust of your customers and employees. And for this you need to keep their data safe and secure.
Check out the below guidelines to ensure your business security.

  • Nowadays technology is changing quickly and new threats surface almost every day. So, to avoid any threat you need to create and follow a security policy.
  • Use strong and different passwords for each account and don’t forget to change your password regularly.


Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect confidential information. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when working with confidential information.